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Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my personal website. It was created initially as a way to showcase some of my photography taken during my travels but has since evolved into a place to talk about my volunteer work and conservation in general.

The site itself is still very much in development, many of my photo albums are yet to be uploaded, so please bear with me while that is done. In the meantime, please check out the photos I have put up along with my blog and other articles.

So much of the world left untravelled


This is really a sign that I need to do more travelling... Next up is Spetses in Greece in September. Hopefully I'll be able to tick off a few more European countries over the next couple of years on this training scheme too.

Travel Map as of 16/7/2014
Nova Scotia is on there you just can't see it :-(

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Mass Capture


The last few days have been difficult for me in a number of ways, so right now I am writing this in the back of our land rover while the others are watching a different type of game capture called mass capture.

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Sable capture and helicopters


It's been a really busy days here on the placement. As I had mentioned, on Sunday we went with a team of people to collect the helicopter that had caught fire and crashed on a nearby farm.

It was a real clean-up opperation carried out in the exteme heat. First we pulled off as much of the loose parts as possible to leave the shell. The guys then managed to split the shell in half so that the relativelyundamagedd tail section was separate. We then had to somehow load it all onto the trailer. It was very much a process of trial and error.

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Arrivals and relaxation


Friday 14th - Saturday 15th March

So when I left you yesterday I was still waiting at Johannesburg airport for my connecting flight. My luggage may or may not have been transferred onto my next flight and I was exhausted I don't remember any of the internal flight exceptlanding. I was out like a light. But we landed safely at Polokwane about 12:30 and I was relieved to see my luggage was with me. Drama averted.

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